Keynote Speakers

Photo: Paula Virta

Suvi keskinen

Suvi Keskinen, Professor of Ethnic relations, University of Helsinki

Suvi Keskinen is Professor of Ethnic Relations at the Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki. Her research interests include postcolonial and decolonial feminism, racism, antiracism, whiteness, nationalism, political activism, and Nordic welfare states. She has recently published the book Mobilising the Racialised ‘Others’. Postethnic Activism, Neoliberalisation and Racial Politics, building on her Academy of Finland Research Fellow project. Keskinen has also led a broader project on activism titled “Intersectional border struggles and disobedient knowledge in activism” (Academy of Finland, 2018-2022). Previously, she studied right-wing populism, media and political debates on migration and racism, racial profiling in policing, and gendered violence. She has published several books and edited Special Issues, as well as journal articles in for example Social Politics, Women’s Studies international Forum, Ethnicities, Critical Social Policy, Theoretical Criminology, Social Identities, Journal of Intercultural Studies and Nordic Journal of Migration Research.

Kim Tallbear

Professor of Indigenous peoples, Technoscience, and Society, University of Alberta

Kim TallBear (Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate) (she/her) is Professor and Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Peoples, Technoscience, and Society, Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta. She is the author of Native American DNA: Tribal Belonging and the False Promise of Genetic Science. In addition to studying genome science disruptions to Indigenous self-definitions, Dr. TallBear studies colonial disruptions to Indigenous sexual relations. She is a regular panelist on the weekly podcast, Media Indigena. You can follow her research group at She tweets @KimTallBear. You can also follow her monthly posts on her Substack newsletter, Unsettle: Indigenous affairs, cultural politics & (de)colonization.

Dorte Marie Søndergaard

Professor of social psychology, Aarhus University in Denmark

Dorte Marie Søndergaard is professor at Aarhus University, Denmark. Her research includes sex/gender and feminist theory, bullying among children and young people, and the technology-human entangling in today’s worlding. She has lead the research project, eXbus, Exploring Bullying in School, and published extensively on bullying and the dynamics of in- and exclusion and marginalization. A new research project, DRIFT: Drifting and Reaffirmed Boundaries - Young people, gender and body in a digital age, expands her and her colleagues’ work on gender negotiations among youth using poststructuralism, new materialist thinking, and postphenomenology together with digital ethnography and multiple qualitative entry points to the empirical field. A few resent publications include ‘Psychology, Ethics, and New Materialist Thinking’ (2019); and with P.Rasmussen, ‘Traveling imagery: young people’s sexualized digital practices’ (2020) and ‘Sexualized, platformed female bodies in male online practices - negotiating boundaries of masculinity, gendered positioning and intimacy’ (2021).