The workshops are held either face to face, online or in hybrid format.

  1. Gendering illness: Patient activism, clinical encounters and embodied differences (Hybrid)

  2. Trans Matters - Transgender Studies and Lives in the North (Hybrid)

  3. Men, masculinities and matterings (Hybrid)

  4. Why does ‘matter’ matter? (Hybrid)

  5. Critical, feminist and caring pedagogies in times of crisis (Hybrid)

  6. Battles over Gender, Sexuality and the Body (Hybrid)

  7. Polar women in the archives: how to unbury them (Hybrid)

  8. Sex, Gender and Intersectional Matters in Academic Knowledge Production (Hybrid)

  9. Feminist knowing through art and science (Hybrid)

  10. Mattering matters: Responsible research and creative praxis with children and young people (Hybrid, except session 1 f2f)

  11. Sensory Matterings (Hybrid)

  12. Diverse children and youth in sexualized and gendered cultures (Hybrid)

  13. Gender in Sámi and indigenous research (Hybrid)

  14. Patriarchy-Disrupting Pedagogy in International High Schools: Curriculum Design and Praxis for Collaborative Peer Education (Hybrid)

  15. Sukupuolentutkimus Tieteen Termipankkiin / Gender Studies into Helsinki Term Bank for Arts and Sciences (Hybrid)

  16. Abshiri+ (Hybrid)

  17. The role(s) of women in diasporic mobilization: a feminisist peace research perspective (Hybrid)


  19. Black Indigeneity: Refusing erasure, toward relationality (Hybrid)

  20. The problem of gender relations: reflecting cultural strategies for change (Hybrid)

  21. Community Discussion: Increasing Inclusivity and Diversity in Arctic Science (Hybrid)

  22. Gender backlash and gender inequalities in contemporary politics (Hybrid)

  23. The Gender-Dimension of Plastics in the Arctic (Hybrid)

  24. Gender in Saami knowledge production (Hybrid)

  25. Gendered and contextualized vulnerabilities (Hybrid)

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