Friday 2.12. Parallel sessions 4

Session 4 timetable

Session 4 timetable.pdf

Time slot: 14:30 - 16:00 Parallel session 4

3. Workshop: Men, masculinities and matterings: Session III

Convenors: Jiri Nieminen, Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, University of Jyväskylä; Timo Aho, University of Jyväskylä

Seminar room: Galaxy

Form: Hybrid


  • Sampo Bergman: Fatherhood and Crisis of Masculinity in Contemporary Children’s Animated Films

  • Thit Gaarskjær Jørgensen: Homosociality, military masculinities and war veteran friendships in the Danish Army

  • Sandra Eck: On bodies, walls and spaces – Collective living arrangements as a realm of possibility for non-hegemonic masculinities

7. Workshop: Polar women in the archives: how to unbury them: Session II

Convenor: Petia Mankova, UIT The arctic University of Norway & Elena Larskaya, European University in Saint Petersburg

Seminar room: TH102

Form: Hybrid


  • Dmitry Arzyutov: The Gender of the Archive: On Embodied Knowledge in the Fieldnotes of Russian and Chinese Anthropology Couple of Elizabeth and Sergei Shirokogoroff

  • Stephan Dudeck: The life and death of Nata Findeisen – factors of women’s invisibility in ethnographic research between the Soviet Union and Germany

  • Oksana Butuk: Nina Demme

  • Eleonora Togyer: Writing the lady traveller into the Arctic discourse: Helen Peel’s Polar Gleams: An Account of a Voyage on the Yacht 'Blencathra' (1894)

  • Elena Larskaya and Petia Mankova: Women in the Arctic: inverting heritage; inverted heritage

8. Workshop: Sex, Gender and Intersectional Matters in Academic Knowledge Production: Session II

Convenor: Mervi Heikkinen, University of Oulu

Seminar room: Tellus Horizon

Form: Hybrid


  • Tiina Suopajärvi: The (embodied) matter of affect in Zoom encounters

  • Muneeb Ul Lateef Banday & Anukriti Dixit: Problematizing 'digital gender gap': A feminist decolonial analysis of knowledge production on digital economy and gender

  • Aleida Lujan-Pinelo: Encounters between Epistemologies of the South and New Feminist Materialism

9. Workshop: Feminist knowing through art and science: Session III

Convenors: Maria Huhmarniemi (D.A., University of Lappland) and Ilmari Leppihalme (PhD, University of Oulu)

Seminar room: Frost Club

Form: Hybrid


  • Kati Leinonen: Materialities of a Photographic Portrait

  • Miina Kaartinen, Michaela Casková, Tiina Arjukka Hirvonen, Salla-Mari Rantala, Sanna Ritvanen & Hanna Kaisa Vainio: Reconstructing (in/with) the house: a familiar conversation

  • Tereza Jiroutová Kynčlová: Voiceless Authors? Textile Ways of Knowing

  • Maria Huhmarniemi: Local, northern, material and aesthetic knowing in craftivism

10. Workshop: Mattering matters: Responsible research and creative praxis with children and young people: Session III

Convenor: Tuija Huuki & Suvi Pihkala, University of Oulu

Seminar room: Backstage

Form: Hybrid


  • Johanna Niemi: "Pitääkö miehen olla joku gorilla?" – Kokemuksia Poikien Talon taiteellisesta toiminnasta

  • Anu Uusikylä, Maija Lanas, Tuija Huuki: Mä en halua osallistua tähän – Affektiivisia tuntukertomuksia alakoulun normatiivisen osallisuuden ulkopuolella

  • Susi Mikael Nousiainen, Niina Meriläinen: Kanssakulkijuutta amiksessa

14. Workshop: Patriarchy-Disrupting Pedagogy in International High Schools: Curriculum Design and Praxis for Collaborative Peer Education: Session II

Convenors: Melinda Russial, United World College – USA & Yijing Yang, Undergraduate Student

Seminar room: TH118

Form: Hybrid

Presentations: Presentation and Question-and-Answer session on implementation of feminist praxis in various elements of pedagogical action and program development at UWC-USA. The workshop will include materials and suggestions that can apply to building programming in other academic and community settings


Convenors: Bochra Kouraichi, University of Szeged, Nawal Fauoori, Drabzeen Human Development & Anas Faoori, Drabzeen Human Development, Khaled Shawaheen & Aroub Almasri

17. Workshop: The role(s) of women in diasporic mobilization: a feminisist peace research perspective

Convenors: Caecilie Svop Jensen, Tampere University, Zahra Edalati, Tampere University & Dr. Élise Féron, Tampere University (discussant, chair)

Seminar room: Aspire

Form: Hybrid


  • Cæcilie Svop Jensen: Gendered engagements: Exploring political mobilization among young Somali women in Finland

  • Laura Gamkrelidze: Yezidi women and caste system: advantage or disadvantage

  • Zahra Edalati & Majid Imani: Iranian women and diasporic political mobilization

  • Gina Wirz-Suárez: Gender, exile and peacebuilding: a case study on the transnational political participation of Colombian women in exile

22. Workshop: Gender backlash and gender inequalities in contemporary politics

Convenor: Katinka Linnamäki, University of Helsinki

Seminar room: TH101

Form: Hybrid


  • Anukriti Dixit: The future(s) of feminism: Backlash as an epistemic practice

  • Johanna Kantola, Anna Elomäki, Barbara Gaweda, Cherry Miller, Petra Ahrens and Valentine Berthet: “It’s like shouting to a brick wall”: Normative whiteness and racism in the European Parliament

  • Anat Kraslavsky: Transnational assemblages of gendered power relations and the “new anti-Semitism” discourse

  • Katinka Linnamäki: Not in Front of the Child: Illiberal Familism and the Hungarian anti-LGBTQ+ “Child Protective Law”

24. Workshop: Gender in Saami knowledge production

Convenor: Marko Jouste, University of Oulu

Seminar room: Stage

Form: Hybrid


  • Marko Jouste: Gender in Saami Archive Material in Finland

  • Päivi Magga: Gender, Tradition and Change in the Knowledge of Reindeer Sámi Culture Environment

  • Sigga-Marja Magga: Sempiternal Sámi Handicraft as a Source for New Knowledge – The Significance of Duodji-research in Gender Studies

  • Eeva-Kristiina Nylander: The Rematriation of Ládjogahpir—The Foremothers' Hat of Pride

  • Ilona Kivinen, Felix Mäkelä, Reetta Juntunen: Gender differences in the use of adjectives in early 20th century

  • Felix Mäkelä: Production and use of Northern Saami terms regarding LGBTQ-people

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