Friday 2.12. Parallel session 3

Session 3 timetable

Session 3 timetable.pdf

12.30 - 14.00 Parallel session 3

1. Workshop: Gendering illness: Patient activism, clinical encounters and embodied differences: Session III

Convenors: Lilli Aini Rokkonen, Maria Temmes & Henni Alava, Tampere University

Seminar room: Horizon

Form: Hybrid


  • Penelope Lusk: "#MedBikini: Gendered Physician Affect, Activism and Knowledge Creation"

  • Elina Helosvuori: "Multi-sited ethnography and co-constitution in the study of assisted reproduction"

  • Fabienne Valmond: "Black, single women with fibroids trying to conceive with donor sperm in Finland: intersectionality between race and gender"

2. Workshop: Trans Matters - Transgender Studies and Lives in the North: Session II

Convenors: Luca Tainio, University of Helsinki / Karlstad University, Utu-Tuuli Jussila, University of Helsinki & Otso Harju, University of Helsinki

Seminar room: Frost Club

Form: Hybrid


  • Samuel Salovaara: "Transing the Finnish knowledge production of Social and Health Care"

  • Kaarna Tuomenvirta: "Trans Temporalities and Camille Auer´s 'Monument for the Excluded'"

3. Workshop: Men, masculinities and matterings: Session II

Convenors: Jiri Nieminen, Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, University of Jyväskylä

Timo Aho, University of Jyväskylä

Seminar room: Galaxy

Form: Hybrid


  • Riku Löf: "Masculinities and Environmental Activism – Case Extinction Rebellion Finland"

  • Henri Hyvönen: "Men’s affective-discursive practices around masculinity and femininity in the context of health at work"

  • Marlene Hartmann: "The Hormonalization of Masculinity"

  • Domenica Gisella Calabrò: "Indigenous masculinities, postcolonial dynamics, and recognition. Reflections from Pacific settings"

4. Workshop: Why does ‘matter’ matter?: Session II

Convenors: Tuija Pulkkinen, University of Helsinki; Susanne Lettow, Free University Berlin

Seminar room: TH118

Form: Hybrid


  • Fedora Hartmann; Fiona Schrading; Xenia Leitold; Jannis Steinke: "Compost matters"

  • Carol A. Taylor; Nikki Fairchild: "Institutional Housekeeping and the Mattering of Gendered Politics: Viral Contamination, Un/fit Bodies and Exhaustion"

  • Hanna Guttorm; Riikka Hohti: "Towards earthly academic activity, the two of us"

5. Workshop: Critical, feminist and caring pedagogies in times of crisis: Session III

Convenors: Kirsti Lempinen, Anu Valtonen & Tiina Seppälä, University of Lapland

Seminar room: Aspire

Form: Hybrid


  • Kieran Sheehan: "Intuitive Movement as a Situated Pedagogy for transdisciplinary research into Identities"

  • Katarina Parfa Koskinen: "Rethinking relationality in pedagogical practices and research, an as-well-as theoretical approach"

6. Workshop: Battles over Gender, Sexuality and the Body: Session II

Convenors: Valtteri Vähä-Savo, Tampere University & Johanna Hiitola, University of Oulu

Seminar room: TH102

Form: Hybrid


  • Sanna Mustasaari "Post Mortem: Battles over Gender, Sexuality and the Dead Body"

  • Jacqueline Wilson: "Internal Migration"

11. Workshop: Sensory Matterings III

Convenors: Taina Kinnunen, University of Oulu, Piritta Nätynki, University of Oulu & Marjo Kolehmainen, University of Turku

Seminar room: TH105

Form: Hybrid


  • Tanja Mikkonen: "Material entanglements - a queer phenomenological study about materialities, cultural norms and feelings of belonging in Helsinki city"

  • Julia Katila: "Tactile intercorporeality: Touch as a way of inhabiting and disseminating affection in intimate relationships"

  • Tuuli Innola: "Co-becoming of companionships through sensory practises"

  • Anna Varfolomeeva: "Bodily Limits, Material Power: Women Miners’ Sensory Engagements with Stone in Northwestern Russia"

  • Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen: "Listening across bodies – an exercise in queering relations"

12. Workshop: Diverse children and youth in sexualized and gendered cultures: Session III

Convenors: Tuija Huuki, University of Oulu, Jukka Lehtonen, University of Oulu & Eveliina Puutio, University of Oulu

Seminar room: TH101

Form: Hybrid


  • Silja Kukka: "Making room for Queer possibilities in lives of Youth in online fan fiction communities"

  • Lydia Kokkola: "Lonely Landscapes: Desire without direction in the Writing of Anna-Liisa Haakana"

  • Annbritt Palo; Lena Manderstedt: "Counter storytelling: Fluid (?) diversity in Sami novels for young readers"

13. Workshop: Gender in Sámi and indigenous research: Session III

Convenors: Helena Ristaniemi & Michelle Francett-Hermes, University of Oulu

Seminar room: TM103

Form: Hybrid


  • Assi Harkoma: "Gender-based Structural Inequality in Sami Reindeer Herding Communities"

  • Jebunnessa Chapola: "Climate Change Resiliency from and within Cross-cultural Community Activities in Arctic"


Convenors: Mari Mäkiranta, Jonna Tolonen & Simi Ruotsalainen, University of Lapland

Seminar room: Backstage

Form: Face to face


  • Sanna Valkonen ja Tiina Seppälä: "Runous ja rap ruumiillistuneena vastarintana"

  • Anna-Elena Pääkkölä: "Väärin aktivoitu! Popfeminismi, akateeminen kritiikki ja populaarimusiikin potentiaali aktivismiin"

  • Raila Knuuttila: "Kansainvälinen Ecocide-rikoslaki: taide ja luovat alat Stop Ecocide -kampanjassa"

19. Workshop: Black Indigeneity: Refusing erasure, toward relationality: Session II

Convenors: Anaïs Duong-Pedica, Åbo Akademi University & Milka Njoroge, Queen's University

Seminar room: Stage

Form: Hybrid


  • Milka Njoroge & Anaïs Duong-Pedica: "Introducing 'Black Indigeneity'"

  • Maxine Savage: "North Adjacent: Black Indigenous Encounter in the Colonial Exhibition"

  • Angela Patricia Heredia: "Coloniality, conquest, and extraction: A framework to rethink the genealogy of the hu(Man)"

  • Julie Kondi: "The Ancient Art Of Maemae -Sexual Skits And Political Rhetorics of the Kaulong Feminists Theatre, in Papua New Guinea"

  • Milka Njoroge: "Towards relationality. Refusing erasure"

20. Workshop: The problem of gender relations: Reflecting on cultural strategies for change

Convenors: Rakel Kavena Shalyefu, University of Namibia, Haaveshe Nekongo, University of Namibia, Helena Amadhila, University of Namibia & Mascot Muchali, University of Namibia

Seminar room: TM107

Form: Hybrid


  • Israel Henok Mengela: "Factors contributing to Gender Based Violence and Cultural Shame"

  • Immacullate Mogotsi: "Indigenization of HIV and AIDS behaviour change programmes: reflection on women’s high HIV and AIDS prevalence and the cultural practice of dry sex."

  • Madeleine Arnot: "Transforming gender relations through education: Gender respect as a situated cultural strategy for change."