Thursday 1.12. Parallel sessions 1

Session 1 timetable

Session 1 timetable.docx.pdf

Time slot: 12.25 - 14.15 Parallel sessions 1

1. Workshop: Gendering illness: Patient activism, clinical encounters and embodied differences: Session I

Convenors: Lilli Aini Rokkonen, Maria Temmes & Henni Alava, Tampere University

Seminar room: Tellus Horizon

Form: Hybrid


  • Ahalya Ganesh: "On living with fibromyalgia: A literature review"

  • Venla Oikkonen: "Living with hormonal products: Negotiating effectiveness, side effects and availability in the treatment of endometriosis"

  • Maria Temmes: "Conceptualization of endometriosis in a clinical setting"

2. Workshop: Trans Matters - Transgender Studies and Lives in the North: Session I

Convenors: Luca Tainio, University of Helsinki / Karlstad University, Utu-Tuuli Jussila, University of Helsinki & Otso Harju, University of Helsinki

Seminar room: Tellus Frost Club

Form: Hybrid


  • Roshon Roymon: "Decolonizing Names and Naming: Exploring the Politics of Categorization Through the Indigenous Trans* Landscape in Last Words from Montmarte and Coconut Milk"

  • Unni Leino: "Gender is needed to fight gender ideology"

  • Kuura Irni: "Tracing the genealogies of feminist natures: Donna Haraway, ecofeminism, and trans-inclusive conceptualisations of nature"

5. Workshop: Critical, feminist and caring pedagogies in times of crisis: Session I

Convenors: Kirsti Lempinen, Anu Valtonen & Tiina Seppälä, University of Lapland

Seminar room: Tellus Aspire

Form: Hybrid


  • Muneeb Ul Lateef Banday & Andy Silveira: "Unencumbered Care: Queer-Feminist Resistances, Contestations and Solidarity within Higher Education in Neoliberal Times"

  • Maree Martinussen: "Rethinking social class disadvantage through affective dissonance, responsivity and capacity: A study of gender and class in higher education"

  • Kris Clarke; Christopher B. Sullivan: "Affective Violence to Queer Love: The Emergence of HIV/AIDS Care Systems in Fresno, California: What It Teaches Social Work Students"

6. Battles over gender, sexuality and the body: Session I

Convenors: Valtteri Vähä-Savo, Tampere University & Johanna Hiitola, University of Oulu

Seminar room: TH118

Form: Hybrid


  • Aira Huttunen: "Information credibility assessment in healthcare settings experienced by Finnish transgender people"

  • Heli Yli-Räisänen: "Consent Matters When Reading the Bible: History of Interpreting Homosexuality in the Sodom Narrative"

  • Hilla Kiuru & Andrea Lorenz-Wende: "Ageing Women: Devalued and Discriminated"

  • Heidi Kosonen & Susi Mikael Nousiainen: "Kehojen marginalisaatio ja Instagram-aktivistien tuottama vastapuhe"

7. Workshop: Polar women in the archives: how to unbury them: Session I

Convenor: Petia Mankova, UIT The arctic University of Norway & Elena Larskaya, European University in Saint Petersburg

Seminar room: TM113

form: online/hybrid


  • Anka Ryall: "Women Scientists in the Norwegian Polar Archive"

  • Vladislava Vladimirova: "Women veterinaries in the Arctic?"

  • Jenni Räikkönen: "Midwives and Nurses of the Finnish Lapland. Photo collections as sources for the history of experience of maternity care."

  • Maria Fedina: "Komi women in political and societal life of the Komi Autonomy"

8. Workshop: Sex, Gender and Intersectional Matters in Academic Knowledge Production: Session I

Convenor: Mervi Heikkinen, University of Oulu

Seminar room: TM107

Form: Hybrid


  • Raihanatul Jannat: "The role of transnational law in enhancing socioeconomic resilience of rural women from the Finnish Arctic."

  • Aqleem Fatimah & Atifa Nasir: "Redefining Masculinities: Gender Role Sharing as a Feminist Intervention"

  • Mervi Heikkinen: “Mandatory integration of the gender dimension into research and innovation content, by default unless it is duly justified that sex and/or gender aspects are not relevant”

9. Workshop: Feminist knowing through art and science: Session I

Convenors: Maria Huhmarniemi (D.A., University of Lappland) and Ilmari Leppihalme (PhD, University of Oulu)

Seminar room: Tellus Galaxy

Form: Hybrid


  • Elizabeth Whitney: Avanto and Embodied Practice: Autoethnography and Digital Storytelling as Creative Research Methods

  • Shona Hunter & Katalin Halász: Affecting racialized bodies in discomfort

  • Eleonora Togyer: "Merging narrative and landscape: Margaret Atwood’s narrative techniques to write back against the masculine tradition of silencing and exploitation in ‘Stone Mattress’

  • Sara Van den Bossche: Walking the Line: A Cognitive-Feminist Reading of Gendered Mattering and Orientations in Disney's "Aladdin" (Animation and Live-Action Remake)

10. Workshop: Mattering matters: Responsible research and creative praxis with children and young people: Session I

Convenor: Tuija Huuki & Suvi Pihkala, University of Oulu

Seminar room: TH102

Form: Face to face


  • Gabrielle Ivinson; EJ Renold: "Using arts-informed methodologies to attune to young people living in the ruins of Capitalism"

  • EJ Renold; Vicky Timperley; Heloise Godfrey-Talbot; Rowan Talbot; Dom Farelli: "Bruised Hearts, Black Feathers and Majestic Insecurities: becoming artful with a PhEmaterialist relationships and sexuality education (RSE)"

  • Anna Hickey-Moody: "Faith: A new materialist approach"

11. Workshop: Sensory Matterings I

Convenors: Taina Kinnunen, University of Oulu, Piritta Nätynki, University of Oulu & Marjo Kolehmainen, University of Turku

Seminar room: TH105

Form: Hybrid


  • Tiina Salmia: "The gendered politics of eating meat and the intertwining of human and non-human bodies in Iiu Susiraja’s Meat Model selfportraits" (live)

  • Eeva Kuikka: "'Don’t you think that something smells bad in this hotel room?' Decolonizing smell in Indigenous literatures from the Soviet Arctic" (live)

  • Elina Penttinen: "Coming to our senses: incorporating interoception in creative analytic writing workshops for doctoral researchers" (live)

  • Sandra Wallenius-Korkalo: "Breastfeeding as worlding" (live)

  • Annukka Lahti: "Queer matterings – un/becomings of gendered, racialized and sexualized relations in multisensory research interviews" (live)

12. Workshop: Diverse children and youth in sexualized and gendered cultures: Session I

Convenors: Tuija Huuki, University of Oulu, Jukka Lehtonen, University of Oulu & Eveliina Puutio, University of Oulu

Seminar room: TH101

Form: Hybrid


  • Kay Siebler: "Every Baby’s Trans: The Technology of Gendering Before Birth"

  • Eveliina Puutio, Tuija Huuki, Suvi Pihkala & Jukka Lehtonen: "School, online communities, and creative workshops as spaces for non- normative pre-teen gendered and sexual cultures"

  • Jukka Lehtonen, Tuija Huuki, Suvi Pihkala & Eveliina Puutio: "Navigating with pre-teen children within sexuality education"

13. Workshop: Gender in Sámi and indigenous research: Session I

Convenors: Helena Ristaniemi & Michelle Francett-Hermes, University of Oulu

Seminar room: Tellus Stage

Form: Hybrid


  • Jebunnessa Chapola: "A racialized settler woman's transformative journey in Canada: Building relational accountabilities for indigenous ways of knowing"

  • Clara Mirian Guardado Torrez, Virginia León Torrez, Annelise Erismann & Alejandra Del Rocio Bello Urrego: "Unveiling hegemonic narratives: Violence in the uterus, in the family, in the state."

  • Wasiq Silan (I-An Gao): "Pinhkngyan : paths taken to recognizing, doing and developing Indigenous methodologies"


Convenors: Mari Mäkiranta, Jonna Tolonen & Simi Ruotsalainen, University of Lapland

Seminar room: Tellus Backstage

Form: Face to face


  • Leena-Maija Rossi: "Queer Black Art Matters!? Pohdintaa Zanele Muholin kuvista ja niiden kehystyksestä taidemaailmassa"

  • Mari Mäkiranta & Vesa Puuronen: "Taideaktivismia ekofeministisestä ja dekolonialistisesta näkökulmasta"

  • Jonna Tolonen: "Espanjalainen katutaide naisiin kohdistuvan väkivallan vastustajana"

23. Workshop: The Gender-Dimension of Plastics in the Arctic: Session I

Convenors: Tahnee Prior & Sara Seck, Marine & Environmental Law Institute, Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University

Seminar room: Tellus Chill

Form: Hybrid


  • Introduction (Sara Seck & Tahnee Prior)

  • Joni Seager: "The Petro-Bromance that drives the plastics agenda"

  • Sara L Seck: "A Human Rights-based Approach to the Plastics Life Cycle in the Arctic: Opportunities and Challenges for Feminist Matterings"

  • Tahnee Prior: "Legalizing Global Plastics Governance: Potential Implications for Gender Equality in the Arctic"

25. Workshop: Gendered and Contextualized Vulnerabilities: Session I

Convenor: Helena Louhela

Seminar room: TM103

Form: Hybrid


  • Emine Turkoglu: "Where Are the Women: The Gulen Movement in Finland"

  • Premalatha Karupiah: "Recuperating and Time Poverty: Experiences of Malaysian Indian Women in Penang, Malaysia"

  • Heidi Lehtovaara: "Consequences of discrimination and racism in the job search phase"

  • Raghda Alnabilsy, Shira Pagorek-Eshel & Haneen Elias: Self -Identity in the trap: Palestinian women in the shadow of violence, a tangled cultural and political context in Israel