Thursday 1.12. Parallel sessions 2

Session 2 timetable

Session 2 timetable.pdf

Time slot: 16.30 - 18.00 Parallel sessions 2

1. Workshop: Gendering illness: Patient activism, clinical encounters and embodied differences: Session II

Convenors: Lilli Aini Rokkonen, Maria Temmes & Henni Alava, Tampere University

Seminar room: Horizon

Form: Hybrid


  • Henni Alava: "Why are they almost all girls? Clinical understandings of gender in persistent pediatric pain."

  • Anna Baral; Silvia Marchesi: "'The doctor didn’t even touch me': body boundaries, pain endurance and expectations towards health providers in patients with vulvodynia in Italy"

  • Lilli Aini Rokkonen: "Changing landscapes of migraine patient activism"

3. Workshop: Men, masculinities and matterings: Session I

Convenors: Jiri Nieminen, Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, University of Jyväskylä

Timo Aho, University of Jyväskylä

Seminar room: Galaxy

Form: Hybrid


  • Katri Pöllänen: "Gendered working conditions in startup companies in Finland"

  • Ville Pöysä: "Boys, technologies and alliances – materials and masculinities in rural boys’ everyday life"

  • Stephanie Clark: "Hollow men: The absence of new materialist philosophies in masculinity studies"

4. Workshop: Why does ‘matter’ matter?: Session I

Convenors: Tuija Pulkkinen, University of Helsinki; Susanne Lettow, Free University Berlin

Seminar room: TH118

Form: Hybrid


  • Marina Sportelli: "The Body-machine in the History of Materialism: Continuities, Differences, and Feminist Geneaologies"

  • Susanne Lettow; Tuija Pulkkinen: "Beyond ‘Matter’: Rethinking the Longue Durée of the Idealism/Materialism Distinction"

  • Sigrid Schmitz: "Matters of Concern in Materialisms"

5. Workshop: Critical, feminist and caring pedagogies in times of crisis: Session II

Convenors: Kirsti Lempinen, Anu Valtonen & Tiina Seppälä, University of Lapland

Seminar room: Aspire

Form: Hybrid


  • Felicity Daly: "Applying universal care in feminist methods: a case study of empirical research with asylum seekers in Ireland"

  • Anna-Liisa Kaasila-Pakanen; Emmanouela Mandalaki: "Engaged pedagogies in neoliberal business schools"

  • Shona Hunter: "Discomforting caring pedagogies in the White institutional space"

9. Workshop: Feminist knowing through art and science: Session II

Convenors: Maria Huhmarniemi (D.A., University of Lappland) and Ilmari Leppihalme (PhD, University of Oulu)

Seminar room: TM103

Form: Hybrid


  • Aino-Kaisa Koistinen: "Writing to the Point of Heartbreak – Cat-writing as Feminist Knowledge Production"

  • Marian Tumanyan: "The capacity of artmaking assemblages to enable positive changes in the ways children express themselves."

  • Barbara Grossman-Thompson & Charlotta Salmi: "Visualizing Gendered Violence: Use of Arts-Based Research Methodologies with Adolescents in Nepal"

10. Workshop: Mattering matters: Responsible research and creative praxis with children and young people: Session II

Convenor: Tuija Huuki & Suvi Pihkala, University of Oulu

Seminar room: TH102

Form: Hybrid


  • Fatima Zahrae Khay: "Debunking (Dis)continuities of Stigma Discourse on Health Reproduction among Moroccan Young People"

  • Clara Juando-Prats; Lisa Boivin; Robin Enns; Chantelle King; Janet Parsons: "Re-Imagine your World: parenting, collaging, animal teachings, and intra-actions"

  • Karin Murris; Joanne Peers: "Henry and the sack ball: Caring for the event"

11. Workshop: Sensory Matterings II

Convenors: Taina Kinnunen, University of Oulu, Piritta Nätynki, University of Oulu & Marjo Kolehmainen, University of Turku

Seminar room: TH105

Form: Hybrid


  • Taina Kinnunen, Marjo Kolehmainen & Piritta Nätynki: "Embracing water, healing pine: Touch-walking and transcorporeal worldings" (live)

  • Ella Poutiainen: "The sense of femininity: feeling and mattering gender in feminine spiritualities" (ilm. myöhemmin)

  • Anna Heinonen: "Multisensory connections in the space of Finnish small-scale communes" (live)

  • Tarja Tuulia Salmela: "Traveling with landscapes: road trips, vanlife and sensory worlding practices" (live)

12. Workshop: Diverse children and youth in sexualized and gendered cultures: Session II

Convenors: Tuija Huuki, University of Oulu, Jukka Lehtonen, University of Oulu & Eveliina Puutio, University of Oulu

Seminar room: TH101

Form: Hybrid


  • Sares-Jäske Laura; Czimbalmos Mercedesz; Klemetti Reija; Lehtonen Jukka; Majlander Satu; Siukola Reetta: "Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin eriarvoisuus trans- ja cis-nuorilla: kouluväkivaltakokemusten yhteydet mielenterveyteen"

  • Satu Majlander; Jukka Lehtonen; Pauliina Luopa; Mia Teräsaho; Johanna Vihtari; Tellervo Nenonen; Heidi Ahola; Reija Klemetti: "Sateenkaarinuoret poikkeusoloissa"

  • Rosa Saukkonen: "Sateenkaarinuoret ja seksuaalinen suostumus"

13. Workshop: Gender in Sámi and indigenous research: Session II

Convenors: Helena Ristaniemi & Michelle Francett-Hermes, University of Oulu

Seminar room: Frost Club

Form: Hybrid


  • Lena Gross: "Ungendered assessments, Gendered implications: The role of gender in environmental decision making on Indigenous lands"

  • Jebunnessa Chapola: "Women-led Climate Change Solutions (WCCS): Developing A Policy Guide from Indigenous and Immigrants"

  • Angelika Sjöstedt & Anna Olovsdotter Lööv: "Reading through the periphery: epistemological approach for decolonizing the university"

15. Workshop: Sukupuolentutkimus Tieteen Termipankkiin / Gender Studies into Helsinki Term Bank for Arts and Sciences

Convenors: Heta Rundgren, LEGS (Paris)/Gender Studies (Helsinki) & Jaana Vuori, University of Eastern Finland

Seminar room: Backstage

Form: Hybrid

<CANCELLED > 19. Workshop: Black Indigeneity: Refusing erasure, toward relationality: Session I <CANCELLED >

Convenors: Anaïs Duong-Pedica, Åbo Akademi University & Milka Njoroge, Queen's University

23. Workshop: The Gender-Dimension of Plastics in the Arctic: Session II

Convenors: Tahnee Prior & Sara Seck, Marine & Environmental Law Institute, Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University

Seminar room: Chill

Form: Hybrid


  • Anna Soer: "Plastic Policymaking and Policy Implementation in Nunavut: Bringing the Voices of Inuit Women In"

  • Helene Svendsen: "Plastics as an alienator of human-nature relationships?"

  • Carol Devine: "Plastic Pollution North, collecting and delivering evidence, informing solutions: A Sci-Art story from eXXpedition"