15. Sukupuolentutkimus Tieteen Termipankkiin

Sukupuolentutkimus Tieteen Termipankkiin / Gender Studies into Helsinki Term Bank for Arts and Sciences

Convenors: Heta Rundgren, LEGS (Paris)/Gender Studies (Helsinki) & Jaana Vuori, University of Eastern Finland

Contact: heta.rundgren (at) gmail.com

Seminar room: Backstage (Parallel session 2)

Format: Hybrid

The workshop aims to launch the project of inserting gender studies' terms into the Term Bank wiki-site https://tieteentermipankki.fi/wiki/Termipankki:Etusivu/en (terms can be inserted in Finnish, Swedish, Sami, English, etc. there is no limit to languages and special consideration toward processes of translation is encouraged). Tiina Onikki-Rantajääskö, director of the Term Bank, will present how the site works. The presentation is followed by a discussion on the possibilities of the project that is open to all gender studies scholars who wish to participate. I shall facilitate the discussion as coordinator of the project.