16. Abshiri+


Convenors: Bochra Kouraichi, University of Szeged, Nawal Fauoori & Anas Faoori, Drabzeen Human Development

Contact: bochra.kouraichi (at) fulbrightmail.org

Seminar room: Tellus Chill

Format: Hybrid

Drabzeen Human Development is a youth-led NGO that has been active since 2012. It has recently launched a new project named “Abshiri+” in partnership with HIVOS and funded by The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. The project is part of the Women Empowered for Leadership program. It is a continuation of a previous project “Abshiri” that addressed women's leadership barriers and aimed to advance women leaders. A group of workshops was conducted on six days for 120 participants to raise awareness of gender equality. In Abshiri+, more focus is put on advocacy and behavior change campaigns across the Kingdom (12 governorates) through conducting Café Talk events, Community initiatives led by youth, and both Advocacy and Media Campaigns. Among the recommendations of the beneficiaries of Abshiri, who represented the whole Kingdom, North, Middle, and South, Abshiri + was planned to be launched with additional components. Indeed, it aims to empower women in leadership positions through three main activities: café talk events (open discussions), advocacy as well as media campaigns.

Through a presentation of the main events that have taken place within Abshiri+ so far, we aim to give an overview of the challenges faced by women in Jordan and how we helped overcome them. We will address issues related to domestic violence, honor crimes, and other societal aspects of gender inequality. We will also present the results of our efforts and how they affected women’s lives.