21. Community Discussion: Increasing Inclusivity and Diversity in Arctic Science

Community Discussion: Increasing Inclusivity and Diversity in Arctic Science

Convenors: Sasha Leidman & Nicole Hellessey

Contact: szl9 (at) scarletmail.rutgers.edu

Format: Online

Arctic Science has a long and troubling history of discrimination that is stifled efforts to create inclusive spaces and bring in voices from a broader array of backgrounds. From not having field equipment available in your size to perpetuations of cultures that harbor perpetrators of abuse, discrimination that dissuades increased participation and understanding can be rampant. Even still, hardworking individuals within Arctic Science have made huge strides in creating organizations, policies, and networks specifically aimed at tackling this issue and addressing it at its root.

This workshop is aimed at highlighting those successes and breaking down ways in which we as a community can come together to break down systems of oppression that persist in our field. The workshop, will be an open space where participants can discuss their experiences with discrimination and misconduct in the field or in an office setting as well as confer methods that they have experienced for successfully breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive culture. In the end, we hope that this discussion will facilitate active measures that Arctic Science can implement in order to make the field more inclusive, diverse, and welcoming.